This book will break your heart. In a spiritual way.

Non-judgment is the key to becoming a compassionate person whom people want to love and respect.

"I am a new person!" Valerie Balun, CA

happily married couple

Jesus offered up a little-understood teaching on how to heal heartache caused by people who hurt you“Do not judge or you will be judged.” (Mt 7:1)   In fact, he said judgments are like a plank in our eye (Mt 7:5) that make us hypocrites who can’t see wisely.  We care too much and are actually spiritually blind to see what we really need to do.  When we care too much, we end up judging people instead of loving them, in the hope they will change. All we really do is fuel the fires of conflict and unhappiness.

“My eyes were opened to a new way of seeing and I am a new person. I don’t mean to exaggerate but this is true.” Valerie Balun, California

“The Non-Judgmental Christian mindset delves deeply into ways of thinking and interacting that could positively change the way people experience you.”   Jimmy Mack, New Brunswick

The Non-Judgmental Christian” changed the way I saw myself, exposed judgments and resentments that I had no idea I was carrying, and revolutionized my situation.  …in all these years I have not been nearly as impacted by anything else I’ve read (Bible excluded!).” Sherri McGregor, Youth Pastor, Nova Scotia

  • Lesson 1 reveals how “three nothings” sets us free to respond and impact others spiritually
  • Lesson 2 shows us how our judgments blind us and what we need to do
  • Lesson 3 opens our heart to responding to hurtful judgments from others with compassion
  • Lesson 4 shows you how to positively influence others to change, freely and willingly
  • Lesson 5 reveals a new sense of purpose for us that grounds and centers us in God’s love
  • Non-judgment never leads to being a doormat or endorsing bad behavior
  • The Non-Judgmental Christian describes five steps to healing relationships where you feel judged
  • Author John saved his marriage twice, and transformed his relationship with his father
  • Many other inspiring stories!

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“I appreciated your book so much I have read it probably 6 or 7 times in the last year and am still trying to apply your suggested techniques and love it when I succeed and totally notice at least now when I fail! (lol) I want to order more copies because I want to share your wisdom with friends and family.”  Brenda Waldorf, British Columbia 

“Last week, two of my church members gave me your book “The Non-Judgmental Christian” and I must confess I had a hard time putting it down. Your ideas are so simple yet profound and life changing.” Reverend Michael Versluis, Sudbury, Canada

“I never realized that when I was judging, I was playing God, and that is something that I must stop doing.”  Wayne Allin, Ontario

“I explained to my husband that it [The Non-Judgmental Christian] ‘humbled me’. I said, ‘I am very suddenly aware’ that I had been judging him. And of my judgmental behavior toward him. Followed by a very simple ‘I am sorry.’  D.W. wife and mother, Ontario

“I’m so fired up about this book that I praise it to each person I speak with! Thank you again and may God provide many more opportunities for this book to reach others as it has reached me!” Christine Lupton, Ontario 


The Non-Judgmental Christian book ends arguments, fighting and cold shouldersIf you want peace in your home the Jesus way, you need to read The Non-Judgmental Christian. Here’s how:

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Enjoy these additional reader letters from all ages and walks of life:


The Non-Judgmental Christian book


You have been on my mind as I have started reading your book, The Non-judgmental Christian” and I must say it is so Christ like, how we are supposed to be and treat others. I am a work in progress and continue to try to look at people with compassion and caring in order that I might be more like Jesus as I don’t always know their circumstances. Thank you for writing this book which outlines the way in which we should all try to live!

Marjorie Gilmore, Illinois, USA


I think out of it all, I am beginning to accept and experience that God wants friendship and a one-on-one even with me. I am very grateful to you and yours John. They are all a part of it. Both your books can reduce one to tears.  It comes in the ‘reveal’, the transparency of the soul and the heart of a healed human being…being real. As I write, I think of another individual like yourself that convinces me in the inner most part of me of this need and importance of clarity and freedom that accompanies the work God is weaving in and out of us – Jean Vanier.  In closing, may God richly bless you all.          Bonnie Jackson. Alberta, Canada


I first found your book THE NON-JUDGMENTAL CHRISTIAN at a Promise Keeper’s Convention in one of the Greater Toronto municipalities in Ontario. I believe it was in the Fall of 2004. It was on its own separate display table, and I perused it with great interest. There was a printed sign on the table top saying “This book will divorce-proof your marriage.” I saw that and puzzled “I am not worried about that.” As my wife thinks I spend too much money on books (Is that possible?) I turned and went back to my seat. On the way I got that queasy feeling I often get when I know I have missed the Lord’s will or opportunity. So at the next break I threaded my way through the 8,000 men all of whom seemed to be at the bookstore to get my copy. The rest is history. I could not tell you how many times I have gone back to review the book when I am tempted to try to control relationships or outcomes.  I am sure you can imagine the amount of freedom I have found as the Lord has shown me His truth of the need to get the log out of my own eye.  It is a standard part of any counseling I do.

Truly, THE NON JUDGMENTAL-CHRISTIAN has made my list of top ten life-changing books of my Christian life.

Blessings on you and your ministry.


Ron Hӧrst,
Rector Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Alberta Canada


Hello Mr. Kuypers,

I just want to let you know how much I’m enjoying your book The Non-Judgmental Christian. As soon as I had read the first page, I went right out that day to buy one! I want to thank you for your insights and for sharing your personal experiences.  I am learning so much, and looking at my relationship (12 stormy years) with my husband in a whole different light! I have to purposely make myself read only a portion at a time – it would be so easy to devour this book—so that I can really absorb the information and pray about how it relates to me, and how God wants me to use it.  I’m so fired up about this book that I praise it to each person I speak with! Thank you again and may God provide many more opportunities for this book to reach others as it has reached meSincerely,

Christine Lupton, Burlington, Ontario


“I have just read a book called ” The Non-judgmental Christian…..Five lessons that will revolutionize your relationships” by John Kuypers……I want to run up a hill ( in my mind anyway) and scream….”FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!”….I will probably be quoting this book for a while….so I apologize ahead of time….First quote……………..” Smart people already know the answer, Wise people let the Lord lead them to the answer…..The key to being an influential leader (or mom, wife, ect.) begins with one specific principal: You become willing to change some of your deeply held “beliefs.”  Now before anyone thinks that I have been swayed by some heathen book, he he, he is talking about beliefs that we form that cannot be held up against the Bible…..ok?…ok!……”

Anonymous, 36 yr old married woman from New York state


Dear John,

I woke up at 3am and couldn’t get back to sleep so made my way down to the study and my eye’s fell on your book “The Non-Judgmental Christian”! Of course I picked it up and started reading.  I could so identify with what you were writing about and in parts I was howling so loud with laughter I thought I’d wake my husband up from his “snoring” state!  You have blessed us by writing this book and one which we will definitely recommend to other couples!

Lyn Hopkins
St. Thomas, Ontario


Dear John,

Your book, The Non-Judgmental Christian, has given me a new hope that through the love of God, I can come to peace with who I am, and find love inside me to give to others.

Stuart Lemesurier, father, husband, lawyer, Toronto


Dear John,

Thank you. Many, many times, thank you. Your book ‘The Non-Judgmental Christian’ changed the way I saw myself, exposed judgments and resentments that I had no idea I was carrying, and revolutionized my situation. I’ve been a believer for 23 years, worked as a short-term missionary in South Africa, been a counselor at my church and a youth pastor – and in all these years I have not been nearly as impacted by anything else I’ve read (Bible excluded!).

I live in Nova Scotia, and am driving to Halifax tomorrow to buy my 4th copy of your book for a friend of my son’s who told him today she is filing for divorce. I’m convinced that if she’ll read even just the first chapter, she’ll re-think that decision. The other copies are winging their way to South Africa and Italy, or being devoured by family and friends.  I believe this book to be an incredibly powerful tool of the Lord’s, and I thank you and honour you for having the courage to follow His voice and write it.

Bless you and thank you, thank you, thank you.

Sherri McGregor
Nova Scotia, Canada


Dear John,

Some of the more meaningful quotes from your book for me are:

‘Non-judgment opens ears and softens hearts.’
‘Your private self must become the same as your public self.’
‘You must want your wife, not need her.’
‘Your ability to give compassion to others will be governed by your ability to give yourself support while you are suffering.’

Overall, your book differs from many I have read of its genre in the level of personal versus general revelation, which lends a very authentic tone to your teachings.


Mike Martin, Ontario, Canada


Dear John,

I was at the Man Alive Conference in Toronto and purchased your book. Once I started reading it I could not put it down. It’s like you were talking about my life. You have made me aware of how judgmental I am and how much work I have to do in this area. This is the 2nd marriage for my wife and I so it was important for both of us to read your book. I never realized that when I was judging, I was playing God, and that is something that I must stop doing.”

God Bless,
Wayne Allin


Dear John,

My husband and I have just finished reading The Non-Judgmental Christian and were amazed at how it enlightened us as to the root of some of the problems we were having. It has given us a lot to discuss.”

Thank you,
Wendy Allin


Dear John,

After reading your book, I did some things differently at home in my relationship right away – and out in the world too. I also shared your images of “Hammer and Doormat” with some of my coaching clients, and found that they work for other people too. What’s more, I was touched – sometimes deeply – by your stories of yourself and people like us breaking through in their relationships.

Thanks, and God bless,
Jean Davies
Centerpoint Coaching, Oakville, Ontario


The Non-Judgmental Christian bookINDEPENDENT BOOK REVIEWS

Jimmy Mack, Saint John, NB:

The Non-Judgmental Christian is about what it means to BE a Christian (sanctification). Kuypers uses a lot of personal anecdotes but the book transcends its original self-help purpose. Kuypers starts out wanting to help us improve our relationships, but what he achieves, beyond that, is a transparent exploration of his own journey toward a Christian self.

He admits to not achieving perfection, but through the 5 Lessons he explores what it means to think like Christ and how maturing as a child of Christ means evolving a non-judgmental mindset that affects every aspect of your life. This includes your personal goal-setting and your interactions with others.

It’s impossible for the author to cover every aspect of Christian life in one book (that’s what the Bible is for) and as a very personal text, he doesn’t fully explore the idea of vocation. Yet, this overview of the Non-Judgmental Christian mindset delves deeply into ways of thinking and interacting that could positively change the way people experience you.

For me, the best part of the book is the exploration of the non-judgmental Jesus: how He was neither a “hammer,” a “doormat” nor a “rescuer” of people. Kuypers explains that other people are what God wants them to be (He is sovereign) and that we aren’t supposed to try to change others to suit our idea of what they should be — even with the best of intentions.

I can’t imagine a single Christian, especially Christian men, who will not be affected by this powerful book. Don’t miss it.


Wade Van Bostelen,  Hamilton, Ontario:

In this easy to read format John outlines the ways that people create barriers that hurt each other and themselves. Baring his soul through sharing his own experiences, John’s book serves as a study guide specifically designed for men to help improve their relationships with their spouses. This book also serves a secondary purpose for all who read it – men and women alike – to examine themselves to see what they are doing to damage their relationships. This is well worth the read!


The Non-Judgmental Christian
by John Kuypers
$15.95 + shipping
ISBN: 09689684-22
Also available on Amazon Kindle

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